In paradise, water tastes

We believe that everyone should enjoy the taste of the water they drink and that the best water is natural; shaped by only the clouds it falls from and the rocks it is filtered through.

Of course, water is essential for life and mineral water has many of the electrolytes that the body needs – some also claim that the alkalinity of water has health benefits – but it can also taste great!

SAVU water is Fiji’s purest, natural artesian water.


The water shows the classic soft
and neutral taste of a water from
the pacific islands.
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The Taste And Feel Of SAVU Water Is What Sets It Apart From Other Premium Waters.

The clean taste and soft feel of SAVU water is what sets it apart from other premium waters. This is thanks to the unique mineral profile that the water develops, as it slowly makes its way from pristine rainwater, filtering through volcanic rocks – absorbing essential electrolytes on the way – to the aquifer deep under the tropical rainforest.

The islands of Fiji are famous for the quality of the water found in natural aquifers. This is because of the natural volcanic geology, the high levels of rainfall, it’s remoteness from pollution sources on other continents and much of the island is un-spoilt by development.


Fiji gets over 4 meters of rainfall a year – that’s about 4 times as much as Seattle in the USA.

All SAVU water comes from a single source in a pristine and protected lowland tropical rainforest near Namosi, on the Fijian Islands.

These remote Pacific Ocean islands are over a thousand miles from heavily populated countries.

We carefully and sustainably extract SAVU from the natural artesian aquifer.  While the plentiful rainfall in Fiji will replenish the aquifer, we limit what we take to preserve the integrity of the aquifer and the exceptional quality of the water.

The water is bottled – pure and untouched – at the source in the distinctive SAVU bottles.


Responsibly delivered from the
rain forest to you.

We always bottle the water at source, in high-quality PET plastic bottles - free from any BPA. We do not supply SAVU in glass bottles, because of the energy that would be expended producing and shipping the glass bottles, to such a remote location.

While we fully support recycling as the best for the environment (PET is fully recyclable) we know that some bottles don’t get recycled.  Because of this we add a special ingredient to the bottle and cap which enhances biodegradation, so that should a bottle make its way to a landfill, it will biodegrade significantly faster than most other plastic water bottles.

We are proud to support Nature Fiji, as it works to protect this amazing archipelago

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